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Welcome to Amazing Cake Supplies

Exciting News

We are excited to share our newly remodel store with you. We have a lot of new items in the store and more coming soon!

Enroll in classes with our award winning teachers. More classes coming soon!

Kaye Hartman has been decorating cakes for over 20 years. She attended the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu School in Pasadena, California and did her externship at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas--where she learned how to completely decorate wedding cakes in less than one hour. She is the founder of Petal Crafts, a company that designs and manufactures quality cake decorating products and Cake Art Academy, an online cake decorating school. Her work has been featured in local and national publications such as Glendale News Press, InStyle Weddings and Pastry Art & Design Magazines. She was recently featured at the Ellen Degeneres Show for making her birthday cake last January.

John Busch has worked in the rolled fondant business since 1990. He started with an overseas company that came to Little Rock, Arkansas to build a manufacturing plant and stayed for 16 years. During that time he "tweaked" the taste of the rolled fondant from an Australian taste and turned it into something Americans would like. At the time he was introduced to Ms. Kerry Vincent and the two became accomplices in trying to spread the word about this new product in the U.S. By actually manufacturing the first rolled fondant, John became an expert, not in decorating, but in the taste and consistency of the product. He went on to Cal Java International where he is to this day. John travels the United States teaching classes on the basics of rolled fondant, how to handle it, how to properly roll it and cover cakes. Of course, he always finishes the cakes off with a Cal Java Sweet Inspiration flower!

Edet Okon is the executive pastry chef at Satin Slices Houston Texas. He has a Bachelors degree in economics, attended the the Culinary Institute of America where he majored in baking and pastry arts and has a masters degree in hospitality management from the University of Houston. His area of specialization is in contemporary wedding cake design and construction. Edet has been awarded a gold medal from the American Culinary (ACF) for professional wedding cake designs and Satin Slices was recently voted as number one for best cakes by Houstons Bests.

Maria Badiee is a self-taught cake decorating and instructor with over 8 years of experience as a certified Wilson Method instructor. She learned the basics of cake and pastry decorating at a local craft store and enjoys showing others the simple secrets for anyone from the home baker to the aspiring young pastry chef.

What we sell

We offer a wide selection of cake-making products for both the enthusiast and the professional, including assorted lines from Wilton, Decopac, Magicline, Ateco, CK Products, Norpro, Harold Imports, Pfiel and Holing, Bakery Crafts, and Lorann Oils. Many resources are also available for specially requested ingredients. Our competitive prices guarantee that you'll get the best deal and the most out of your money.

How we can help you

Our manager Lin has over twenty-five years of experience in the baking industry and will help you find the exact product you are looking for as well as provide expert advice on baking and decorating.

Other than cakes..

If you don't plan on making cakes, we still have plenty to offer you. Explore new and exciting ways to create desserts for all occassions. Our tools and supplies will enable you to make whichever dessert you please, or even create one of your own.

Experience for Yourself

Discover new ways to improve your cakes. Find all the tools and supplies so that all your cakes will look exactly as you envisioned. And most importantly, do all this for a low price. Visit our shop yourself to appreciate the difference.

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2014 Holiday Hours and Closings

Monday, September 1st: CLOSED for Labor Day

Monday, September 1st: CLOSED for Labor Day


Cold ingredients produce the flakiest crust. Be sure to use very cold butter. In warm weather, it helps to chill the flour ahead of time as well to keep the butter cold while working.