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Welcome to Amazing Cake Supplies

What we sell

We offer a wide selection of cake-making products for both the enthusiast and the professional, including assorted lines from Wilton, Decopac, Magicline, Ateco, CK Products, Norpro, Harold Imports, Pfiel and Holing and Lorann Oils. Many resources are also available for specially requested ingredients. Our competitive prices guarantee that you'll get the best deal and the most out of your money.

Other than cakes..

If you don't plan on making cakes, we still have plenty to offer you. Explore new and exciting ways to create desserts for all occassions. Our tools and supplies will enable you to make whichever dessert you please, or even create one of your own.

Experience for Yourself

Discover new ways to improve your cakes. Find all the tools and supplies so that all your cakes will look exactly as you envisioned. And most importantly, do all this for a low price. Visit our shop yourself to appreciate the difference.

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Amazing Cake Supplies

Cold ingredients produce the flakiest crust. Be sure to use very cold butter. In warm weather, it helps to chill the flour ahead of time as well to keep the butter cold while working.